I became a Winn when I was 7 and I remember every single thing about it. I loved Clare and Nomi immediately, the moment we walked into their home, it felt like my home. My sister Levi was a little more hesitant – she was a little older and had some more reservations. She was not ready to leave another temporary home.

When moms told us that we were staying forever, my whole life fell into place and I was able to explore some interests more lofty than “finding a family” and “being loved.” That sounds hella cheesy, but it was amazing the amount of my brain that opened up when it was finally housed in a stable and loving environment.

So I joined a dance class and a choir and decided I was going to become a performer when I was 9. I’m about to turn 17 and try out for the Varsity Cheer Squad. It’s not exactly the kind of performing I aim for but it’s a step towards it.

I want to end up on broadway.

As an aside and to point to the elephant in the room because everyone else uses coded language and nuance to share this part about our family: my moms are, obviously, gay women. I’m, obviously, a gay boy. And my sister Levi is the family outsider with her heterosexuality and quietness about it.