I’m Nomi, mom to Dustin and Levi, partner to Clare. It was my bright idea to start this blog because Dustin spends most of his evenings at choir practice or dance and Levi is a social butterfly who barely lands anywhere ever. Clare works full time for Hadley Law Firm Mobile and makes a point to share family breakfast every day, but seldom make sit home for supper.

We always knew we’d be a busy family and we don’t want to infringe our kids’ right to become who they are. But we just wanted to stay engaged and have a space to explore feelings together – even if that space has to be online.

And I don’t work, in the traditional sense. I learned early in my adulthood that a 9-5 type of work doesn’t really suit me, so I do some work as a freelance writer and spend much of my time managing our household.

I never thought I’d be a –ahem- stay at home mom. But I’m very organized, I love my family, and my home is a beautiful space. I’m so happy and blessed and joyful!