I’m usually thought of as the Quiet Winn and this is largely because the rest of the Winns are loud-ass queens. Just kidding. They’re very assertive people though. I’m 18, getting ready to head to college, and can’t wait. I love my family but I lust after freedom. I want to define myself. I want to know more bigger better broader.

I’m pretty social, I have lots of friends, I don’t really have one friend group that I see. I literally orbit the cafeteria every day at lunch checking in on my sports friends, my drama friends, my alternative school friends, etc.

I think I’m just nice to people. It’s weird how surprising that is to most.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how Dustin is gonna be when I leave. He and I have been together our entire lives, I was his main support system and only anchor until he was 7 and we moved in with our moms. He acts like it’s no big deal that I’m leaving, he brushes me off and calls me “too in my feelings” when I try to talk about it, and I’m worried that once I’m gone he’ll lose his shit and drama queen the entire house into oblivion.

He probably won’t though, right?